[mrtg] Linux router shows too low traffic

paul.rosberg at esrange.ssc.se paul.rosberg at esrange.ssc.se
Wed Sep 15 08:26:24 MEST 1999

Have installed a Linux (Debian 2.1 with kernel 2.0.38) on a machine with
two NIC's and it is acting as our gateway to internet.
The router is just using ip-forwarding and everything works just fine (it
is not using a routing daemon...just normal RIP).
I installed snmp on the router and are using a linux box on the internal
network to monitor the traffic thru the router with MRTG v2.8.8.
The problem I have is that when I for example download a file for a long
period of time, say 2 hours with around 50 kb/s,  MRTG only shows the
traffic as just little over 20kb/s on any of the network cards. The
internet connection we have is a 512kbit line.
The graphs of the two network cards are almost identical with the
difference that the networkcard for the internal network has reversed
in/out levels as expected. I am using default settings pretty much that
comes from using the cfgmaker.
The puter I use to monitor the router is using Debian 2.1 with 2.2.12
Anyone have a clue what the problem can be here?


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