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Stieers, Ken KStieers at dainrauscher.com
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Its actually very simple:
at the command line run ' perl cfgmaker --vendor <community>@<routerip> >
where <community> is the community string set in the SNMP parameters of the
router and <routerip> is the ip address or host name of the router. 
(note the --vendor switch is just that, --vendor, NOT --Cisco)
You'll need to make sure that SNMP is configured on the router before you do
this of course.  Check your Cisco docs for how to do this. 
This will create a cfg file that you can pass to MRTG. 

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I think I have working MRTG 2.8.8 on my system, i am already monitoring the
HDD capacity, bytes in and out of my SERVER NIC CARD, but how can i target
to my
CISCO ROUTER and its ports? 

(CiscoPro CPA2511)

I will really appreciate any comment, (I have Windows NT 4.0, SP 3, running)

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