[mrtg] Re: Monitoring stopped

Juan Arturo Nunez artnpp at tsi.com.pe
Fri Sep 24 02:19:32 MEST 1999

Hi :

> I would then run a port scanner from the MRTG workSta and see if the SNMP
> port is open. you can get a very nice one from this web site..I would ping
> the server, run a trace route, run a port scanner on the Web server IP
> address.
> http://www.aggroup.com/ag/run.taf
> and download the ADnetTools you will not be disappoint.

    hey, any tool for UNIX, any port scanner ??


Arturo Nunez
Give me enough downtime & I can rebuild the world.  Without it, don't even talk
to me about gigabit.  ;-)

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