[mrtg] Mrtg to gather printer pagecounts?

Shawn Barnhart swb at mercury.campbell-mithun.com
Wed Sep 29 19:24:50 MEST 1999

OK, so I've been reading the FAQs and config docs, and it seems that I
should be able to use mrtg to graph printer page counts.  I don't have the
HP printer MIBs installed, but an smpwalk of my printer revealed that the
OID is an HP5si's pagecount variable.

I copied an existing entry from my cfg and modified it like so:

Target[]: at
MaxBytes[]: 1000000
Title[]:  ():
PageTop[]: <H1>Pagecount for

According to the Target keyword docs, I should be able to pass it two OIDs
(in this case, the same ones, the graph should just track identical values
for in and out).

When I run mrtg with this in my config, I get:

Cannot encode Object ID first subid too big in Object ID at /SNMP_util.pm line 958.
SNMPGET: Failed to reach target:
" at I tried multiple times!

I'm presuming that the second error is due to the first error.  Is there
something wrong with the OID I'm passing to it?  snmpget doesn't seem to
have a problem with it.  Do I need to pass it a "smaller" OID (lop off one
of the octets?).  Or is this a case where I have to use a seperate program
to snarf the data?

Thanks for any help.

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