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> Hello,
> Is there a way to monitor which IPs are using what bandwidth via MRTG, all the IPs are served through a single router which MRTG is tracking just fine.  If there is not a way to do this with MRTG does anyone know of a way to this at all.  I know it can be done as many web hosting companies charge by the bandwidth used, but I am at a loss as to how to do this.  The only way I can figure using MRTG is to have a seperate router for each IP which doesn't seem feasible or logical.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
The router can (generally) break down the statistic to each physical port.

If you need to break down the traffic to each physical machine, you have to query each machine, by putting a SNMP-agent on it.

If you further need to break down the traffic to individual virtual hosts on a webserver, or to individual services like http, ftp, smtp etc, you have to rely on whatever statistics these programs can create, like logfiles or other counters.

Sendmail, for instance, has the mailstat program, which reports ingoing and outgoing messages and bytes totalled and for each mailer type (smtp,uucp,local)


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