[mrtg] Displaying percentage of total bandwidth

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Wed Apr 19 15:36:40 MEST 2000

Just wondering if someone has not already written a hack which would
allow this.  
We have a very large pipe to the Internet at a very reasonable cost, the
savings from which we pass on to other subsidiaries of our company.  I
have set up mrtg to monitor the bandwidth useage of our copnay as well
as all the companies as they are set up on Vlans on our Cisco 5500
router with ethernet connections coming right into the ports on the
router.  However, some of the other "tech" people at those companies
want to see what percentage of the overall bandwidth they are using.  Is
there some way to display their percentage of the total bandwidth in
either pie chart of graph format?
I would be happy to provide anyone with a possible solution access to my
main page to see what I mean.

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