[mrtg] RRD and 14all.cgi

Thomas Brian Granier BrianG at zebec.net
Thu Aug 24 22:26:12 MEST 2000

I'm having a problem serving my MRTG graphs that are served by RRD
across my firewall. This issue crosses a number of domains of
possibleproblems and so it has been difficult in troubleshooting. I have
set up my graphs to be served by an internal IIS system seperate from my
polling systems. All systems involved are running Windows NT workstation
or server 4.0. I can sucesfully open my RRD graphs using the 14all.cgi
from inside my firewall, even across different network segments coming
into the firewall from different interfaces. At the firewall I am using
a service redirect to point all requests for port 80 of a specific IP
address at my internal system. This works fine. I can pull the page up
and am prompted with an NT user password and domain as I have configured
it to in IIS. However, after doing so the only pages I can view are the
regular MRTG graphs (using rateup). Any graph generated with the 14all
cgi gives an error. 

The first error I got indicated that it was unable to read the config
file. Since my config files were sitting on a different box than my IIS
system I made a copy of the config files and put them on the IIS server.
Note that the rrd files still reside on the machine that actually does
the polling and is accessed in the Workdir of the config file through a
network share as far as the 14all.cgi is concerned. Moving the config
files got rid of the first error. At this point I started getting a new

The error message I am currently seeing reads as follow:

Software Error:

Can't use string ("PIt looks like there is an err") as a HASH ref while
strict refs in use at
D:\RRD\AAI\index.cgi line 746.

For help please send email to this site's webmaster, giving this error
message and time and date of error.

Things I have considered as being the source of the problem:

The most likely source of the problem is NT permissions. I have
restricted the web site so that only users that are a member of the
domain can use it and to apply those NT permissions to file access. This
works fine internally and as far as the MRTG only graphs (not 14all.cgi
graphs) it works fine for graph requests coming externally through the
firewall. I have done everything I can to verify that all NT permissions
are correct. 

I have considered that perhaps due to the nature of the CGI script
perhaps more than just port 80 needs to be open to my IIS system. I
don't know...

Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.

T. Brian Granier
Telecommunications Specialist
Zebec Data Systems

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