[mrtg] snmpwalk

Christopher L. Barnard cbar44 at tsg.cbot.com
Fri Feb 18 18:25:54 MET 2000

This is embarassing, but I'm afraid I need to ask.  I thought I knew enough
about snmp, but apparently I don't.  What is "snmpwalk" that folks on this
list keep talking about?  Several people have suggested that I use snmpwalk to
find out what OIDs my servers will respond to.  I have searched through all
mrtg source, the source of various utilities that mrtg needs, the server upon
which the monitoring SNM instance is installed (in other words, the complete
package) and even did a web search on "snmpwalk".  In all cases, I came up
empty.  The web search turned up lots of documentation and man pages about
the snmpwalk library call, but since it didn't say which library it is in
and I didn't find it in any of my libraries, I can't just write my own C
program to call this library because I cannot find it...

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