[mrtg] Monitor differant workstations bandwidth usage

Jack Barnett jbarnett at axil.netmate.com
Wed Feb 23 14:56:08 MET 2000


Here we have a leased line though a PortMaster IRIX router, mrtg is setup
and working great with this router.  The thing I was wondering, is there a
way to see how much of these bandwidth is being used by what machines?  For
example we have say 1server, 10 workstations and 2 modem racks, is there a
way to find out what pecentage of the bandwidth the server is using up, how
much of these lease line is being used by either modem rack?

I don't really want to packet sniff or anything like that, somewhere where I
don't voilate the users privacy, but enough information to determine who is
hogging all the bandwidth.  Is there a way to point mrtg at say a
Solaris/NT/98/USR Total Control boxes without having to installing any
software on the client side?  Or is there a way to "filter" the graphs at
the router level so that each IP has it's own graph?

I am not exactly sure the best way of going about this, any suggestions or



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