[mrtg] BayStack 100Base-T Hub stats

Network Admin zer0fan at netscape.net
Tue Feb 29 00:01:21 MET 2000

I am unable to view per-port statistics on my BayStack 100Base-T Hubs.
I used cfgmaker to create the config files for 3 hubs, 6 switches and 1
router.   I am able to view per-port statistics on my BayStack 350 & 450

Switches, and my Cisco router.  For the hubs, I am using the correct
community string, and I get the System info, like SysLocation &
SysContact, but cfgmaker finds only one interface, called feast0.  I am
kind of new to this, but I have tried to read all the documentation I
can find.  According to my hub documentation, I should be able to view
utilization statistics on a per-port level.  Bay isn't helpful, as they
just want you to buy their Optivity software to do this.

     I perform a "snmpwalk <IP address> <community>  enterprises"  and
get a huge amount of info back.  I don't know which OID's refer to what
port on the hub or what statistics.  How can I figure out what OID means

what from the info snmpwalk gives me?  Basically, I don't know how to
tranform the data I get from snmpwalk into a working config file for
mrtg to use.

Thanks in Advance,

Jason Franke   zer0fan at netscape.net

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