[mrtg] Re: BayStack 100Base-T Hub stats

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Feb 29 00:34:37 MET 2000

Network Admin wrote:
> I am unable to view per-port statistics on my BayStack 100Base-T Hubs.
> can find.  According to my hub documentation, I should be able to view
> utilization statistics on a per-port level.  Bay isn't helpful, as they
> just want you to buy their Optivity software to do this.

So, you are able to view per-port statistics if you pay for it.
That should also allow you to collect the numbers yourself, without
paying for it, unless you need some sort of licence to activate/use
the mib.

>      I perform a "snmpwalk <IP address> <community>  enterprises"  and
> get a huge amount of info back.  I don't know which OID's refer to what
> port on the hub or what statistics.  How can I figure out what OID means

You would need a MIB file which describes that part of the tree.  Check
their web site, perhaps its there.

There's one thing you can try (if bay is, indeed, unwilling to provide you
the MIB definition file):

- do an snmpwalk
    Look for series of similar entries in the output of snmpwalk, you should
    be able to find several OIDs that have the same amount of instances as
    you have ports on your device (or maybe a few more)
    note down every OID that is a counter
- do the snmpwalk again, store the output
- floodping a device on one of the ports for a couple of seconds
- do an snmpwalk again, storing the output again
- check the OIDs you wrote down in step one; the two that incremented
  considerably for one instance are the promising ones
- make sure the box connected to the port is (mostly) idle
- snmpget the OIDs you want to check
- transfer a large file from or to the box
- snmpget the OIDs again and calculate the difference

If you're lucky, you've found the OID you were looking for
If the number doesn't seem to make any sense, maybe you've found an OID
that counts packets, not octets.

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