[mrtg] Re: get-5200 perl script.....

Altug Simsek simseka at boun.edu.tr
Mon Jun 19 08:54:14 MEST 2000

Hi Stephen,

With a Cisco AS5300 system, I am monitoring the current number of busy modems
with the MRTG configuration shown below. If you also want to monitor the
current logged in users on a Cisco AS5300 box, I have already modified the
original AS5200 script. It is now working for an AS5300 system with 2 slots
and 240 modems. In addition to displaying current users, it generates a "Top
10 Hit List" based on total connection times in its 5 day history. If you
want, I can send that script to you or anybody else from the list... Good luck
with AS5300 and MRTG...

Altug Simsek
simseka at boun.edu.tr

"Stephen D. Malenshek" wrote:

> I recently starting trying to get the perl script get-as5200 to work...
> Well I get though the point that it is polling the equipment, but it does
> not find any information to graph. I think that it might have something to
> do with the fact this script was written for a Cisco AS5200 and I am using
> it on a 5300. To me it should not matter, but I could be wrong. All I am
> trying to graph is the number of used modem at any point in time. Has
> anyone seen this... or have any experience in this problem.

Target[AS5300-modems]: at AS5300
MaxBytes[AS5300-modems]: 240
Title[AS5300-modems]: AS5300 Access Server Modem Usage
Options[AS5300-modems]: gauge
Legend1[AS5300-modems]: Modems in use
Legend2[AS5300-modems]: Modems in use
LegendI[AS5300-modems]:   used:
LegendO[AS5300-modems]:   used:
Ylegend[AS5300-modems]: Modems in use
ShortLegend[AS5300-modems]: modems
PageTop[AS5300-modems]: <H1>Availability Analysis for Access Server AS5300
 <BR>Modem Usage</H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>AS5300 Access Server</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>IP:</TD><TD>No hostname defined for IP address (AS5300)</TD></TR>

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