[mrtg] TCP response time monitoring

Craig.Tait at mnco.com Craig.Tait at mnco.com
Wed Jun 21 19:31:56 MEST 2000

Has anyone developed a script, like mrtg-ping-probe, to report
response times via TCP connections?  Here's the problem: I'd like to
monitor both response time and availability of services on the other
side of a firewall which denies UDP and ICMP.  The only way to do that
would be to connect to the TCP port allowed by the firewall.  This
could be pretty easily handled using Perl mods for well-known ports
(telnet, http, ftp...), but not so easy (to my knowledge) for
not-so-well-known ports like Notes or Citrix or...

With that said, I found a tool called synack
(http://www-iepm.slac.stanford.edu/tools/synack/) that opens and
closes a TCP session on any port and reports the response time in a
format similar to ping.

Before I start hacking up mrtg-ping-probe (with Peter's blessing, of
course), I wanted to check w/ the list.  Of course, if there are any
takers on creating a script for this, I'm perfectly willing to hand
over the reigns -- mine ==won't== be pretty!

Craig Tait
Sr. Network Engineer
Michigan National Corp.
v: 517.323.5809

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