[mrtg] Configuring mrtg for SUN servers

MacMillan, Bruce Bruce.MacMillan at cibc.ca
Tue Jun 27 22:33:53 MEST 2000

I use the attached config to monitor CPU, Memroy, Swap and Network on my Sun

There are some qualifications:
1) I have the SMC (Sun Management Center) client running on the client
stations, so the OIDs that I am polling are based on the kernel-reader-mib
from Sun.
2) I foound the best way to approach my monitoring was to use a range of
tools to a) translate the OIDs so I could be 100% sure of what I was getting
b) to test my snmpgets  before using MRTG to make sure my polling was
working. I've attached the snmphtml perl file that I used for this.  Start
slowly with stuff like SysUpTime and progress on absed on your successes! 
3) This was the procedure that I followed:
i) Assemble your test tools.  
-MIB compiler, OID identifier.  I use the perl SNMP compiler which allows me
to determine the exact OIDs that I want to poll
-I use an HP SNMP graphical browser, although any browser should work fine!
I use this to test polling the hosts for common and custom OIDs to ensure I
am getting the information I expect.
-NOTE: If you don't have a SNMP browser, you can still use the Net::SNMP
perl module and a few simple scripts to test!
I'll attach what I used as a test script.
-MRTG and it's related software of course! :)

ii) Test SNMP
-Try and ensure that your simplest SNMP query (let's say sysContact or
something) returns a value
-Once you're sure that SNMP is configured and running on your hosts, move
progressively to the OIDs that interest you.
I'll attach the OIDs that interested me.  In order to determine which OID
you want to poll, you can use the MIB compiler to "decode" the OID and then
poll based on that.
-Then use a testscript to try and gather your stats, ie cpuidle and write it
to a web page for example (see my script).
NOTE: I found that get_bulk returned the best information for me, but I was
going to have to do a lot of modifications to MRTG which seemed very nasty,
I then re-checked the polling information that I was getting (this is where
the HP tool was very very handy!) and found that for the OIDs that would
work for the get_bulk, but would time out on the simple gets, I generally
just had to add a .0 to the end of the OID and then the snmp_get would
function correctly!!  so I would recommend when you test your polling, to
test snmp_get, snmp_get_next, snmp_get_bulk, and also try the additional .0.

iii) MRTG
-Once your testing has been successfully completed and you are able to poll
your hosts and extract the data you are interested in you are ready to
configure MRTG.
-run the cfgmaker as described in the MRTG documentation and then customize
it with your OIDs and custom targets.  You should be able to generate all
the historical data you're interested in reporting on! :)

NOTE:  You may be limited by what MIBs are loaded on your hosts.  I'm in the
very fortunate position to have the Sun SMC product installed.  It allows
access to a wealth of information through the kernel-reader-mib.  I'm in no
way an authority on loading/compiling MIBS, but to be honest, this will be
the key determinant at how useful MRTG is to monitoring your hosts!

Good luck!!!!!!!


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Yep, but i haven't received the config file -( Did u post it to the mailist
list ?

Could u send it to me ...

"MacMillan, Bruce" wrote:
> I thought I had e-mailed you!  I have a config up and running, but I'm
> polling the Sun Kernel-Reader MIB used with Sun Management Centre (SMC).
> I posted a few notes to the mail list and sent a few tips to other people
> the list!
> If you need help, let me know!
> Thanks,
> Bruce
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> I still haven't received any config... Come on people nobody uses it
> for monitoring SUN/SOLARIS or linux systems ?
> Any help would be appreciated ...
> George Dimitriadis wrote:
> >
> > Has Anyone a mrtg config for these systems in order to monitor
> > CPU load, memory, processor load, incoming TCP connections per
> > protocol, mail usage, etc... that he wants to share,
> > or is a config file available ....
> >
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