[mrtg] Re: [Fwd: mrtg config file for SUN servers and Linux(Redhat)]

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Tue Jun 27 23:14:15 MEST 2000

"Paul C. Williamson" wrote:

> Kinda ironic that I have no idea what it would take to monitor the box that does the monitoring.  Have you tried one of the linux groups to find any oid information?
> >>> George Dimitriadis <dimitria at forthnet.gr> 06/27/00 03:58PM >>>
> > Has Anyone a mrtg config for these systems in order to monitor
> > CPU load, memory, processor load, incoming TCP connections per
> > protocol, mail usage, etc... that he wants to share,
> > or is a config file available ....

    I don't use any OIDs for this (I don't use SNMP period), just your regular sh/perl/awk/sed scripts.  Also, this is all on a Linux server.  It's monitoring itself, as well as two other Linux machines, and two SGI Indy's.  Soon, I'll be adding more.  Check out:  http://mrtg:public@mrtg.yeehaw.net (or just go to
http://mrtg.yeehaw.net/ and login as user 'mrtg', passwd 'public' (without the quotes).

    If that's what you're thinking off, read the Setup Info that each section has.  Also monitored on there are DNS usage, Disk usage, and individual machines behind a masq server (for bandwidth usage), but you'd need a different login for those. :)


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