[mrtg] 14all.cgi and too high graph.

Peter Baumann Peter.Baumann at commcare.ch
Mon Nov 13 16:58:02 MET 2000

Hello MRTG List

Maybe someone can help me.
I have a strange behavior of 14all.cgi and the data entered in the router.rrd file. Today a customer had an break of his line and I couldn't monitor his router anymore. He have a 128 Kbps line and in the rrd-file I have a limitation setup of 128 Kbps
                <name> ds0 </name>
                <type> COUNTER </type>
                <minimal_heartbeat> 86400 </minimal_heartbeat>
                <min> NaN </min>
                <max> 1.2800000000e+05 </max>

Now today at 13:25:00 I had a "normal" traffic value. and at 13:30 the values where right limited (100Kbps). Now my questions:

- Why is it not going to exactly 128Kbps as specified in the rrd file.
- Why is 14all.cgi script displaying a 800Kbps ! peak (rectangle block) in the browser.

I had this behavior many times and I think somewhere is a bug in 14all.cgi. Maybe someone have the same kind of problems ???

Here's a cut of the rrd-file I translated into xml. this part is the time between 13:25 and 13:50.

                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:25:00 CET --> <row><v> 4.3639310752e+03 </v><v> 1.8112786889e+03 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:30:00 CET --> <row><v> 1.0012343550e+05 </v><v> 1.7800380952e+03 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:35:00 CET --> <row><v> 1.0012343550e+05 </v><v> 1.7800380952e+03 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:40:00 CET --> <row><v> 1.0012343550e+05 </v><v> 1.7800380952e+03 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:45:00 CET --> <row><v> 1.0012343550e+05 </v><v> 1.7800380952e+03 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2000-11-13 13:50:00 CET --> <row><v> 1.0012343550e+05 </v><v> 1.7800380952e+03 </v></row>

Thanks for any help


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