[mrtg] Re: Stopping the Pop-up Windows in NT ?

Chris Palmer cpalmer at pcha.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 27 13:42:37 MET 2000

I am not affected by this no, trust me it was one of the first things I 
checked when originally setting it up.

I am also basing this on the fact that I am using an older version of the 
software, before a lot of these flags and switches were introduced. Yes 
there are newer versions but I don't need the new features (yet!) and  "if 
it ain't broke............."


Chris Palmer
Network Manager

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You might want to check the process list on your machine and make sure you
don't have a million CMD processes running.  The fact that they stayed,
tells me you probably do.  You might want to look at what I posted a few
minutes ago to get that to stop happening.



> I too had this problem at the start. Once the entries were
> made in the at
> scheduler a pop-up box appeared every five minutes and
> remained open upon
> completion.
> The solution was very straightforward in my case. Modify the schedule
> service and remove the tick box for "Allow service to interact with
> desktop". The popups no longer appear.
> This doesn't help if you have other scheduled events that you
> want to pop
> up, but it may assist you in your case as it did in mine.
> Regards,
> Chris Palmer
> Network Manager
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> If you schedule MRTG (2.8.12) to run every five minute and use the
> /INTERACTIVE switch you will not get any pop ups.
> Jeff Meisner
> Saudi Arabian Oil Company
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> Hi
> We have been running mrtg for aprox 1 and a half years
> on NT exclusively only in the start did we ever get and pop-ups
> originally used the 5 minute script in the contrib and it worked well
> have now gone to mrtg and rrdtool with 14all and nt-services from the
> contrib directory
> all work together very well ( and no pop-ups ), like yourself
> we only have
> to monitor a few machines
> 15-20 these are dialups, routers, dedicated servers etc ( the
> norm nothing
> special )
> This is running on a 133 NT4 SP6 ,mrtg dedicated machine using between
> 5-15%cpu for the polls
> have a look at stat.tik.com.au this is a quick and dirty (
> must clean it
> up ) howto i wrote for MYSELF
> to get mrtg running ( more of a mind jogler than a howto )
> Hope this helps a little
> Bear

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