[mrtg] RRDTOOL ??? and MRTG

Josh Goldfarb jgoldfarb at KodiakComputer.com
Fri Apr 6 14:46:04 MEST 2001

As you well know I have been trying to integrate these two wonderful
tools for about 1 week. I am almost there but feel so far away.  I am in
a windows environment and when I go to http://x.x.x.x\cgi-bin\switch.cgi
<http://x.x.x.x\cgi-bin\switch.cgi>  it prompts me to save the .cgi file
to disk. "you have chosen to download a file from this location?  Now i
am confused. I can paste part of my .cgi and .cfg file here if it would
help people more.
OK actuall that is what I will do
here it is
### where the mrtg.cfg file is
# anywhere in the filespace
#$cfgfile = '/home/mrtg/mrtg.cfg';
# relative to the script
#$cfgfile = 'mrtg.cfg';
# use this so 14all.cgi gets the cfgfile name from the script name 
# (14all.cgi -> 14all.cfg)
$cfgfile = 'c:\mrtg\bin\Switch.cfg';
# if you want to store your config (cfg) files in a different place than
your cgis:
$cfgfiledir = 'c:\mrtg\bin';
and from the .cfg
workdir: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\switch
# Start RDTOOl Add-ons------------------------
# Modify logfiles (.*log) to RRD format (*.rrd)
LogFormat: rrdtool
# RRD Executable (rrdtool.exe) location
PathAdd: c:\rrdtool\perl-shared\t
PathAdd: c:\rrdtool\src\tool_release
# RRD Perl Module (RRDs.pm) location
LibAdd: c:\rrdtool\perl-shared
# Stop RDTOOL Add-ONs-------------
so any ideas would be great
Thanks to those who have been so helpful I am looking forward to hearing
from you.

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