[mrtg] Re: Graph scale? ...

David Sawyer david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com
Mon Apr 23 11:38:37 MEST 2001

> Rah!! damn!!
> No, no AbsMax[] left, but other problems...
> Is there any way to have Unscaled[] as general option, and still have an
> option
> to use an auto-scale (default) on some of the graphs?
There is a way to change 'user default' settings back to 'factory default'
but I've not tried it with the Unscaled[] parameter.
Just enter the parameter with no value (you may need a trailing space after
the ':'), ie

> For example, I've got 30 graphs, I just want one to scale automatically
> (so 29
> using Unscaled[])
> I think my problem with peaks still showing may be due to old values. But
> I
> still want to see a part of the peaks, but dunno if it's possible. To make
> a
> better explanation, I join a bad bmp to show you what I'd like to get...
> (sorry,
> just have Paint... :-P )
You should be able to set MaxBytes to any value you want and if your not
using AbsMax[] the graph will not go above this value.
You specified MaxBytes[] with the value of 210000, that is 1.68 Mb, you sure
this is correct?

Thinking more about Julien's problem I've thought of something that could be
added/changed (unless it's there already).
If you have the following script.

Target[dummy]: \Serial1:commSTR at
MaxBytes[dummy]: 210000
AbsMax[dummy]: 420000
Unscaled[]: d

Since you are using Unscaled[] for just the day graph, AbsMax should not be
included for this graph (the graph should not go ABOVE or below MaxBytes)
but still allow it for the w,m & y graphs.

Or you could add another parameter of.
NoAbsMax[dummy]: dw

Don't include the AbsMax[] value with the d & w graphs.

It's just a thought.


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