[mrtg] Re: Excluding IP's for monitoring

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Tue Jul 17 16:12:54 MEST 2001

> I don't think you can easily - the 3com switch is a Layer 2 switch (right?)
> which has no clue about IP, which is layer 3.  Mrtg graphs numbers that it
> gets - it doesn't know WHAT the numbers mean or where they came from.  So
> you'd have to get the switch to ignore the numbers coming from that IP when
> it creates the numbers to give to MRTG over SNMP, and unless the switch can
> do it, no go.  That make sense?

We have 3Com 3300's that have on-board "management" and are IP (and SNMP)
(and HTTP, for that matter) aware.

We have 3Com 3500's that are that and "layer 3" switches ("routers") besides
(for IP, IPX, and AppleTalk).

But you are right--neither of them have any useful filter capability,
particularly with regard to SNMP which is obligated to count everything
according to the rules.

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