[mrtg] Re: Bandwidth utilization on a Cisco 2924XL

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Thu Jul 26 16:51:23 MEST 2001


         We have 12.0.5 running on all of these switches.  We are running 
MRTG version 2.1.

>First, make certain you are running decent code.  11.2.[mumble]SA6 is the
>lowest code that runs SNMP reliably.  12.0.5... is much to be preferred.
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>Subject: [mrtg] Bandwidth utilization on a Cisco 2924XL
>         I have MRTG running and reporting stats for the active ports on 
> my Cisco
>2924XL switches.  I now want to add the bandwith utlization for these
>switches.  I have the MIB and OID.  I have tried adding to OID to the cfg
>but I am not getting any results.  Obviously there is something I am
>missing.  Is there anyone out there that is successfully retrieving the
>bandwidth utilitzation numbers that would be kind enough to help?
>         Thank you in advance.
>Gene Mohr
>Systems Administrator
>Network Operations Center, Division of Online Services
>IM: H34Sailor
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Gene Mohr
Systems Administrator
Network Operations Center, Division of Online Services
IM: H34Sailor

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