[mrtg] Re: cobalt RaQ3i

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sat Mar 3 01:44:20 MET 2001

Chairman of the Bored wrote:

> hi guys.
> I'm trying to get real bandwidth stats off of a cobalt RaQ at a colo facility,
> and i'm having a bit of angst with it.

First thing to do after reading any docs is to contact Cobalt.

> Cobalt Linux release 5.0 (Pacifica)
> Kernel 2.2.14C10 on an i586
> [root at cob674 /root]# snmpd -V     
> cmu-snmp for Linux v3.5; 7. Feb 1998
> http://www.gaertner.de/snmp/ -- The Linux CMU SNMP Project

Recent kernel, usual snmp... nothing wrong here I would say except
of course that cmu-snmp is discontinued as the home page tells me.

> as this box is a webhosting appliance more so than a server, i really
> don't want to have to mess with the snmp daemon unless i have to.

That doesn't mean you can't *view* its configuration doesn't it?
Have a look at /etc/snmpd.conf as this may give you some insight.

> so i walked the mib tree with getif,
> and these 4 look somewhat promising:

[snip: usual if{In|Out}Octets]

Together with "ifconfig -a" and/or "snmpwalk host string"
you should be able to figure out what is what.

> the config file i'm using :
> options[_]: growright,bits
> WithPeak[_]: wmy
> Target[cobalt-bw]:	:

This can be changed into

    Target[cobalt-bw]: 1:public@<hostname>

> Target[cobalt-bw1]:	:

    Target[cobalt-bw1]: 2:public@<hostname>

> a quick glance at the graphs tells me something really isn't quite right..
> especially as i'm currently downloading from that machine at 50k/bytes/sec,
> and none of the graphs are showing anything higher than 33.6k/bits ....

Maybe this is the old "packets * average_packet_size" in stead of bytes
problem?  What does 'cat /proc/net/dev' display (on the RaQ)? Does it
only show packets or also bytes?

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