[mrtg] Re: oid's for Cisco and Sun servers

Patrick Bartkus patrckb at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:50:43 MET 2001

There is plenty of good documentation, it is sometimes hard to find that for 
which you  are looking.

In the US, we have a toy called "Tinker Toys." It is a canister full of 
blocks and stick that you can interconnect. You can build whatever you can 
imagine with the blocks and sticks. But there are very few blueprints of 
"this is how you build a transporter."

The same is true with SNMP mibs and MRTG. You have the tools to build what 
ever you want. The creativity is in deciding what do you want to build. The 
creativity is also the hardest part.

Most of the documentation takes a newbie up to the point of getting MRTG up 
and running but doesn't address the question of "now what do I do?" This is 
where the creativity of deciding what you want to "build" comes in.

Some people use cfgmaker and create a seperate .cfg file for each monitored 
device. Or you can combine devices in one larger .cfg file. You can also use 
the "Directory" directive to organize your monitored devices into logical 
groupings. I'm showing my ignorance here, because I've never used 
indexmaker, but a lot of people use it to create index pages. You can also 
have different .cfg files that MRTG uses to poll than those that a display 
program like 14all uses. I've found that  organizing the .cfg files and the 
directory structure is a trial and error process.

You really don't need Net-snmp (formerly UCD-snmp) or the Cisco MIB files to 
run MRTG. They are very handy in snooping around different agents to see 
what you could see and figuring out what you want to monitor. But, most 
people doing this work wouldn't try to live without them. You can put them 
anywhere you have the free disk space. I will warn you that using them is an 
art and can be tricky. There is a whole other mailing list for Net-snmp. 
There is a similar Windows tool called getif 

Congratulations on getting MRTG up and running. Now the creative fun begins.

Good Luck!
Patrick Bartkus, CCNP Certified	Sr. Network Support Analyst
Fleet Mortgage Group		    Columbia, SC
If truth was not absolute, how could there be justice?

>From: Vasudeva Venkateshaiah <VVenkateshaiah at covigo.com>
>To: 'MRTG List' <mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch>
>Subject: [mrtg] Re: oid's for Cisco and Sun servers
>Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 17:00:25 -0800
>Additional to my earlier mail, I got the UCD-snmp and the MIBs for Cisco
>from the website. How can I use these in my cfg file to query the hosts?
>Which directory should I install the ucd-snmp and the cisco mibs. Any help
>is appreciated.
>  -----Original Message-----
>From: 	Vasudeva Venkateshaiah
>Sent:	Tuesday, March 06, 2001 12:30 PM
>To:	MRTG List
>Subject:	oid's for Cisco and Sun servers
>I am new to the list and installed MRTG on a SUN machine y'day. I am able 
>get graphs for only a single machine. If I edit the mrtg.cfg file for
>additional machines, I don't get a graph. Also, I would like to know the
>source from where I get the OID's for Cisco Equipments and Sun servers. I
>went thro' the archives of the mailing list and couldn't find it properly.
>The documentation for MRTG on the website does not seem to be in order and
>how should I go abt after my initial installation of the MRTG.
>Any inputs how to configure the mrtg further would be of great help.

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