[mrtg] Re: Part II, negative counters?

Tyler J. Frederick tyler at sportsline.com
Mon Oct 1 17:27:28 MEST 2001

More info on this one.. I did an ASCII dump of the RRD, and found that the
negative numbers seem to be freaking out RRDtool.  Here's a snip from the
XML it generates:

<!--  PDP Status -->

The value being 0 indicates to me that it doesn't seem to know how to
handle the negative numbers (it should be the same, it's just subtraction)


Tyler J. Frederick
Systems Engineer/CCSE
Sportsline.com, Inc.

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Tyler J. Frederick wrote:

> Hrmm, shoulda looked at everything before posting to the list this
> morning.  Oh well.  Anyhow, as you all probably saw in my previous post, I
> switched over to RRDtool this past Thursday, but I left my previous setup
> (MRTG run as daemon, generating everything) up and active.  I'm now
> comparing some graphs that were made with RRDtool to the onces that MRTG
> makes natively.  (Keep in mind that I use 14all.cgi to generate my graphs,
> so limitations in that may be causing this).
> I graph packets accepted/dropped on my firewall-1 machines.  When I came
> in this morning, I looked at my RRDtool/14all.cgi graphs and noticed that
> one of my firewalls was showing zero accepted packets.  I looked at my
> MRTG graphs and it was showing the correct numbers.  Upon querying the
> OID/Instance, I saw the counter was (wrapped?) in the negative numbers
> approaching zero.. Rateup seemed to handle this fine, but my RRDtool
> generated graphs are all twinked up.  So I guess my question is is this a
> limitation of 14all.cgi, or MRTG/RRDtool used together?  Also, if it's a
> 14all limitation, all my data SHOULD be correct and should match the
> rateup generated graphs once I fix the 'bug' (provided one exists) in
> 14all.cgi?  Finally, just some clarification.  I run MRTG as a daemon with
> RRDtool.  It seems that as 14all/RRDtool are generating the graphs, the
> only time I should have to restart the MRTG daemon is if I add or remove a
> target, correct?  Thanks in advance for everyone's help...
> tf.

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