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Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Oct 17 15:45:44 MEST 2001

So what box is mrtg on?  NT, linux, other?

As for timing the pages, there is a script out there that will 
graph the amount of time it takes to load a specific page.  
I don't use it, but it does look interesting.  I may start playing 
around with it after I get some things wrapped up with my 
existing projects.

Verifying the content on the web pages is not really a job for 
MRTG.  You should check out Big Brother, MON, NetSaint 
or some other monitoring tool for that kind of detail.

Rule of thumb is that if it doesn't involve numbers, it's not 
really a job for MRTG.  More specifically, if you want to know 
how something changes over time, it is a job for MRTG.

Some examples:

Bytes passing through a device
CPU load
Disk usage
Ping response
Time fluctuations (via ntp)
Cache hit ratios
Available RAM
Number of processes running

and some non-computer stuff as well:
Lap times
Number of drinks consumed per party
Number of people in an elevator per trip  (I have actually been asked to do this!)
Wind speed
Ambient temperature
Wave height
Number of flushes per hour (think I'm joking?  check out http://www.icepick.com) 

I hope I have provided some amusing examples...


>>> "Eric Lim CK" <limck at csam.com.my> 10/17/01 06:19AM >>>
Hi Paul,

> It all depends.
> What OS are you using?

I would like to monitor the IIS  (NT) and apache  (Linux, Solaris, HPUX)

> Where is the webpage with respect to the monitoring system?
Would like to monitor webpage on every web server that we host

> Do you want to measure the time it takes to load?
It would be great to have this info

> Do you want to verify the content on the webpage?

> Do you want to make sure other pages work too, or just the initial page?
For start, just want to make sure initial page work fine. Would like to
check other pages as well in future

> Do you have access to the web logs?
No issue on this

you assist are very much appreciate


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