[mrtg] Fwd: Re: snmpget in a perl script

Taylor Lewick Taylor.Lewick at us.fortis.com
Thu Apr 25 21:29:08 MEST 2002

Oops, meant to send this to the list earlier,.. just sent it to one recipient...

cliff, if I understand what you are asking, its really easy...
Here is a little perl program I use to display some info from our UPS.  
Real basic, doesnt include automatic updates or graphs...
I used an snmpwalk instead of the snmpget here, only difference is a scalar variable instead of an array...
Let me know if you get a graphing perl program working, I would like to see what you did.
Are you using gd.pm?  


use CGI;

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

@bat=`/opt/OV/bin/snmpwalk $ip_addr`;
@input=`/opt/OV/bin/snmpwalk $ip_addr`;
@output=`/opt/OV/bin/snmpwalk $ip_addr`;


sub battery_display {
print "<tr>";
print "</tr>";

sub battery_data {
foreach $items (@bat){
@things1 = split(/:/, $items);
push @input1, "$things1[2]";}
$bat_time_remain_min = (@input1[0] / 60);
$bat_capacity = @input1[3];
print "<td>$bat_time_remain_min</td>";
print "<td>$bat_capacity</td>";

sub input_data {
foreach $items (@input){
@things2 = split(/:/, $items);
push @input1, "$things2[2]";}
$in_volt_total = (@input1[3] + @input1[4] + @input1[5]);
print "$in_volt_total<br>";
$in_curr_total = (@input1[6] + @input1[7] + @input1[8]);
print "$in_curr_total<br>";
$in_watt_total = (@input1[9] + @input1[10] + @input1[11]);
print "$in_watt_total<br>";

sub output_data {
foreach $items (@output){
@things3 = split(/:/, $items);
push @output1, "$things3[2]";}
$out_volt_total = (@output1[3] + @output1[4] + @output1[5]);
print "$out_volt_total<br>";
$out_curr_total = (@output1[6] + @output1[7] + @output1[8]);
print "$out_curr_total<br>";
$out_watt_total = (@output1[9] + @output1[10] + @output1[11]);
print "$out_watt_total<br>";

$volt_useage = (($out_volt_total / $in_volt_total)*100);
print "<br>$volt_useage %";

sub battery_table {
print "<html>\n\n";
print "<title>Result of SNMP Walk on UPS<\/title>\n\n";
print "<body bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" text=\"#000000\">\n\n";
print "<table border='3'>";
print "<TBODY><tr>";
print "<td><b>Time Remaining (min)</b></td>";
print "<td><b>Capacity</u></b></td>";
print "<td><b>% Voltage Utilization</u></b></td>";
print "<td><b>% Watts Utilization</u></b></td>";
print "</TBODY></table>";

print "<\/html>\n\n";

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