[mrtg] can't seem to get 100 or 12.5

Bishop, Dean dean.bishop at tcdsb.org
Tue Aug 13 15:03:50 MEST 2002

Good morning all,

  Sorry, this seems like it should be simple (alas i think maybe i am simple

  My graphs just keep on saying that MaxBytes for swap is 97.66 and MaxBytes
for eth0sar is 12.21.

i understand that 97.66x1024 is 100 and likewise 12.21x1024 is 12.5 but i
have tried using varios factor and kilo settings but nothing seems to

What should i be doing??

thanks in advance,

Target[swap]: `perl -e '$f="%.0f";$fmt="$f\n$f\n1\nSwap and
Paging\n";($v1,$v2)=(qx(sar -W -h | tail
00*$v2;$p1=$v1+$v2;($v1,$v2)=(qx(sar -B -h | tail
00*$v2;$p2=$v1+$v2;$o=sprintf $fmt,$p1,$p2;print $o'`
Options[swap]: gauge, noinfo, growright, transparent, dorelpercent,
MaxBytes[swap]: 100000000
YLegend[swap]: In+Out blks/s * 1000
ShortLegend[swap]:  In+Out blks/s
Legend1[swap]: Read
Legend2[swap]: Write
LegendI[swap]:  Swap:
LegendO[swap]:  Page:
Title[swap]: Server Swap and Paging I/O (In+Out blks/s times 1000)
PageTop[swap]: <H2>Server Swap and Paging I/O (In+Out blocks per second
times 1000)</H2>

Target[eth0sar]: `perl -e '$s1=1;$s2=$s1;$f="%.0f";$fmt="$f\n$f\n1\neth0sar
traffic\n";$o=sprintf $fmt,(qx(/usr/bin/sar -n DEV | grep eth0 | tail
-2)=~/eth0\s+[^\s]+\s+[^\s]+\s+([^\s]+)\s+([^\s]+)/); print $o'`;
Options[eth0sar]: gauge, noinfo, growright, transparent, dorelpercent
MaxBytes[eth0sar]: 12500000
# MaxBytes2[eth0sar]: 12500000
# AbsMax[eth0sar]: 12500000
YLegend[eth0sar]: Bytes per second
ShortLegend[eth0sar]: B/s
Legend1[eth0sar]: Incoming Traffic in Bytes per second
Legend2[eth0sar]: Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per second
Legend3[eth0sar]: Maximal 10 Minute Incoming Traffic
Legend4[eth0sar]: Maximal 10 Minute Outgoing Traffic
LegendI[eth0sar]:  In:
LegendO[eth0sar]:  Out:
Title[eth0sar]: Server eth0sar traffic
PageTop[eth0sar]: <H2>Server eth0sar traffic</H2>

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