[mrtg] Re: [PWO] mrtg-ping-probe problems ?!?

anonymous at sol.dk anonymous at sol.dk
Tue Jan 29 19:24:14 MET 2002

Hi Peter,

Im am using numbers, so i couldnt be using our DNSserver
/home/progs/mrtg-2.9.7/bin/mrtg-ping-probe -t 42 -p loss/loss

The rest of the .conf file looks just like the
example you/the founder wrote


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>Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:34:36 -0800
>From: "Peter W. Osel" <pwo at Infineon.COM>
>To: anonymous at sol.dk
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>Subject: [mrtg] Re: [PWO] mrtg-ping-probe problems ?!?
>>>>>> On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 04:49:04PM +0100, "" == anonymous at sol.dk <anonymous at sol.dk>
>> Im using the mrtg/mrtg-ping-probe script to see how much packetloss
>> there is to our servers on our cabelmodem network, but!! when ever the
>> link from the mrtg-box to DNSserver/ISP dies ALL the mrtg-graphs on all
>> the other servers get an "packetloss" eventhough there is no packetloss
>> to them ?
>find out if the ping program on RedHat 5.9 has an option to show
>network addresses as numbers.  Then pass this option to ping using
>mrtg-ping-probe's option '-o'.  Also, use the IP address as the target
>and not the host name.
>On Solaris, ping has the option '-n' to show network addresses as
>numbers, so I can make sure that we don't depend on the DNS server:
>	mrtg-ping-probe -o -n
>Hope this helps....
>	--pwo
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