[mrtg] CPU, Memory & Disk utilization of Win2k machine

shrinivas Patankar p_shrinivas at mail2.softcell.co.in
Tue Jul 9 16:07:27 MEST 2002


I am trying to use mrtg for give the utilization of win2k m/c. But My
graph show blank. Pl do tell me there am i going wrong... following is my
Background[SERVER_MEM]: #FFCC99
Target[SERVER_MEM]: at
MaxBytes[SERVER_MEM]: 61000000
AbsMax[SERVER_MEM]: 128000000
Options[SERVER_MEM]: gauge, absolute
Unscaled[SERVER_MEM]: dwmy
XSize[SERVER_MEM]: 380
YSize[SERVER_MEM]: 100
YLegend[SERVER_MEM]: Bytes (MB)
ShortLegend[SERVER_MEM]: Bytes
Legend1[SERVER_MEM]: Memory Available in MBytes
Legend2[SERVER_MEM]: Memory Committed in MBytes
LegendI[SERVER_MEM]: Available:&nbsp
LegendO[SERVER_MEM]: Committed:&nbsp

# Windows 2000 processor utilization. Based on MIBII Host MIB.
# Vendor Specific Auto-Disocery Entry:
# Example CFGNAME: [DEVICE NAME]-percent_processor_util
# (add instance number to the end of the name for multiple processors)
Background[PPTP]: #FFCCFF
Target[PPTP]: at
#Target[PPTP]: at[PPTP]: 500
AbsMax[PPTP]: 500
Options[PPTP]:  gauge, unknaszero
WithPeak[PPTP]: wmy
YLegend[PPTP]: % Utilization
ShortLegend[PPTP]: % CPU
Legend1[PPTP]: Proc Load in next minute
Legend2[PPTP]: .
Legend3[PPTP]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load Legend4[PPTP]: .
LegendI[PPTP]:  Load:
LegendO[PPTP]: .
Colours[PPTP]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
Title[PPTP]: PPTP server CPU
PageTop[PPTP]: <H1>CPU</H1>

# WIN2000 Disk Utilization. Based on MIB II Host MIB.
# MIB reports on 4096 byte blocks. That is why we multiply by 4
# Example CFGNAME : [DEVICE NAME]PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util

YLegend[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: KBytes Used
Options[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: gauge, unknaszero
Target[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: at
* 4096MaxBytes[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: 21474836480
ShortLegend[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: Blocks
Legend1[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: HDD Utilization
Legend2[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: .
Legend3[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: .
LegendI[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: HDD Utilization
LegendO[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: .
GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ffWithPeak[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: ymw
Title[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: PPTP server Disk
PageTop[PPTP-microsoft_win2k_disk_util]: <H1>HDD Utilization</H1>

shrinivas patankar
p_shrinivas at mail2.softcell.co.in

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