[mrtg] Re: Forking MRTG

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Sat Jun 1 02:15:04 MEST 2002

> > You can tell forking is working by watching top. When a new
> > poll sequence begins (after <inteval> seconds) you should see
> > one mrtg process per fork specified in the config file. So
> > if you set Forks: 10 you should see 10 MRTG processes right
> > after the poll sequence begins. They'll die relatively quickly,
> > so you might need to run top in 1 second intervals instead of
> > the 5sec default. I don't like the forking mechanism for the
> > reasons listed in:
> >
> > http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/mrtg/msg13364.html
> >
> > Actually, I should say I don't completely _understand_ how the
> > forking mechanism works, so I have elected to use multiple
> > daemons instead (at the cost of extra memory).
> Greg,
> The Forking mechanism splits the workload into as many forks as
> defined ... by the config file ...

Does each fork hit one target, or does each one hit n targets where
n = total_targets/forks ?

When I tried forking, it seemed like the forked mrtg's died 
very quickly - indicating to me that the forked processes
were only hitting a few targets each, and then the main mrtg 
process would continue on and hit the rest of them.

> your problem with the router going offline does not get solved by
> this ... but it does not become worse either. What could be done
> about it is to make mrtg kill all other queries to the same host if
> one comes back without answer ... would this help ?

That would be very useful to be able to skip queries to known 
dead hosts. Is there a global config command that does this?

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