[mrtg] Re: quick MRTG-RRD question

Steven K. srk101 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 25 03:44:32 MEST 2002

Thanks Alex for quick reply.
I I've double checked all that I can. The wierld thing is the rrd file is 
being updated but not the image files(.png images). I've verified by 
directiories, my cfg files and my cgi files. I can even run them on the web 
..can see call my descriptions, the date/time when statistics were updated 
but No graphs Getting that  (Error:Cannot create graph)
It was working fine before and I didn't change anything ...same settings, 
same directories + I don't want to loose all the data I had before.

I know it's probably something small I'm missing somewhere.
Any more input would be great.


>From: Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl>
>To: srk101 at hotmail.com (Steven K.)
>CC: mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch (MRTG users)
>Subject: Re: [mrtg] quick MRTG-RRD question
>Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 00:49:01 +0200 (CEST)
>Steven K. wrote:
> > I just rebuilt my Win2K MRTG server. I had saved my main folder so that 
> > can copy it back. Now after installing everything ...my jobs are running
> > fine with the cron job as well as from the command prompt without any
> > errors. My rrd files are even being updated but cannnot generate the 
> > I can the cgi file running for each device and if I keep on trying it 
> > is updating the time stamp but no graph.
>Can't you generate the graphs or can't you see any difference?  Are you
>perhaps looking at cached data?
>Could it be that the file permissions are set wrong so that rrdtool cannot
>write the images?  (try to use another location and/or other filename).
>Could it be that the images are generated in another location from where
>you expect them to be generated?
> > I was hoping I'ld only loose a day's worth of data and it should 
> > from there.
>If the timestamp of the .rrd files change, you are saving your data.  It
>won't be available in high resolution but it will be there.
> > What the heck could I be doing wrong. I've worked on this for a few 
> > now and I need a beer :-) (if that's OK with you boss)
>Never drink alone :)
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