[mrtg] Re: MRTG install on 10.2.x

Dan Tappin dan at wavefront.ca
Thu Nov 7 17:16:02 MET 2002

I tried it again and I think it worked.  I was a smarty pants the first time
and I used rev 25 vs 17 in the how-to.  Perhaps that was the issue.

I did still have one error though installing gd...

[junior:~/build-mrtg/gd-1.8.4] admin% sudo make install
sh ./install-item 644 libgd.a /usr/local/lib/libgd.a
sh ./install-item 755 pngtogd /usr/local/bin/pngtogd
sh ./install-item 755 pngtogd2 /usr/local/bin/pngtogd2
sh ./install-item 755 gdtopng /usr/local/bin/gdtopng
sh ./install-item 755 gd2topng /usr/local/bin/gd2topng
sh ./install-item 755 gd2copypal /usr/local/bin/gd2copypal
sh ./install-item 755 gdparttopng /usr/local/bin/gdparttopng
sh ./install-item 755 webpng /usr/local/bin/webpng
sh ./install-item 755 bdftogd /usr/local/bin/bdftogd
sh ./install-item 644 gd.h /usr/local/include/gd.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdcache.h /usr/local/include/gdcache.h
sh ./install-item 644 gd_io.h /usr/local/include/gd_io.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdfontg.h /usr/local/include/gdfontg.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdfontl.h /usr/local/include/gdfontl.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdfontmb.h /usr/local/include/gdfontmb.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdfonts.h /usr/local/include/gdfonts.h
sh ./install-item 644 gdfontt.h /usr/local/include/gdfontt.h
[junior:~/build-mrtg/gd-1.8.4] admin% sudo ranlib /usr/local/lib/libgd.a
ranlib: file: /usr/local/lib/libgd.a(gdcache.o) has no symbols

I have no idea what this means or if it really an error message.  I have not
checked to see if MRTG works.


> Really?  Hmmm... I will have to try it again.  I must had made a mistake.
> Which version of MRTG did you use?
> Dan
>> On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 08:42:02AM -0700, Dan Tappin wrote:
>>> I tried that.  The install fails at the make stage.
>>> This HOW-TO was for 10.1.x
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dan
>> It worked for me.

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