[mrtg] Re: Gaps in MRTG graphs

Leandro Nicoletti leandro_nicoletti at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 29 08:59:21 MEST 2002

Hi Vincent,

Don't know if this will help, but I found the
following in the mrtg refference.html in the doc
directory within your MRTG installation.

Apart form the per target timeout options, you can
also configure the behaviour of the snmpget process on
a more profound level. SnmpOptions accepts a hash of
options. The following options are currently

 timeout                   => $default_timeout,
 retries                   => $default_retries,
 backoff                   => $default_backoff,
 default_max_repetitions   => $max_repetitions,
 lenient_source_port_matching => 0,
 lenient_source_address_matching => 1

The values behind the options indicate the current
default value. Note that these settings OVERRIDE the
per target timeout settings.


SnmpOptions: retries => 2, only_ip_address_matching =>

Note that AS/400 snmp seems to be broken in a way
which prevents mrtg from working with it unless

 SnmpOptions: lenient_source_port_matching => 1

--- Vincent Aniello <vaniello at easylink.com> wrote: > I
am using MRTG to graph the number of messages in
> Sendmail mail queues on
> 16 servers.  This is done via an external script
> called from my MRTG
> configuration file.  Some of the servers have a
> heavy system load which
> causes the Sendmail 'mailq' command to return
> slowly.  This results in gaps
> in the MRTG graphs for all 16 servers.
> MRTG logs the message:
> 2002-09-28 21:21:55 -- WARNING: data collection did
> not complete within
> interval!
> Since only a few of the servers return the output of
> the mailq command
> slowly I added the option 'Forks: 16' to my MRTG
> configuration file.  I was
> hoping that this would allow the MRTG graphs of the
> servers that returned
> output from the mailq command quickly to not be
> affected by the more heavily
> loaded, slower, systems.  
> This didn't work.  I am still seeing gaps in the
> MRTG graphs for all 16
> servers.
> Is there anyway to prevent MRTG from displaying
> these gaps or at least limit
> them to the servers that do not respond in a
> reasonable amount of time?
> Can a timeout be set for external scripts so that
> MRTG kills them if they do
> not respond quickly enough?

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