[mrtg] Re: Cisco 3660 router

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Mon Feb 3 14:15:14 MET 2003

> I used Whatsup Gold MIb utilities .
> When I used the OID mentioned by Cisco web site ,I get the results  hence
> that means OID used is correct.I got OID from MIBs from cisco.com.
> But when I specify the same OID in mrtg.cfg ,I get error message that
> invalid SNMP variable .
> I am wondering if it has any relation to SNMP version 2 or MIB2 ?
> How do we enable or disable SNMP2 or MIB 2 in mrtg.cfg ?

For what it's worth, many of the current Cisco mibs are snmp v2 only
even though the mib files are located in the Cisco v1 directory.

Sending a snmp v1 oid request to a Cisco box that expects a v2 oid
results in error status of "No such name" (error code = 2), while
sending the exact same oid using snmp v2 will result in a different
response (depending upon success or failure). (I've been working with
snmp using Visual Basic; don't know how to tell mrtg when to use v2
other then documentation suggests mrtg is v2 compat.)

Several of the MIB2 (or RFC1213) and Frame Relay (or RFC1315) variables 
are built into mrtg (hardcoded in SNMP_Util.pm). Both RFC's were
invented/approved when SNMP only existed in v1 form.

Keep in mind that other RFC's dictate that "if a manufacturer is going
to support snmp, they must support MIB2 (RFC1213) in all cases". That 
support applies whether the manufacturer's snmp design is v1 or v2. 
Therefore, all devices should respond properly to snmp v1 MIB2 requests.

The same is _not_ true with mibs defined only in the v2 world (eg, they
are not necessarily backward compatible). Some of Cisco's private mib
implementations do not respond to snmp v1 requests.

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