[mrtg] Monitoring Netware Free Volume space

Chris Longton Chris.Longton at NICHOLSPLC.CO.UK
Tue Feb 4 15:47:55 MET 2003

I am trying to monitor the volumes on my NetWare server. I am using an nlm
that I have copied from the internet and a perl script that is allowing me
extract data from the server. The graph is being generated but instead of
showing that the disk space is in Gigabytes (For example vol 1 should show
52428800000 = 52 GB) the Y axis is measured in Megabytes (Fore example Vol 1
shows as 52 M which is wrong) is there a command that I need to change to
make the graph read Gigabytes and represent the value as so in the Y axis?
My config file is shown below:

RunAsDaemon: Yes

Title[LAUNWFP.6]: Disk Space Usage on SYS
Target[LAUNWFP.6]: `c:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mrtg21\bin\nwstat.pl
192.110.x.xxx vkfSYS vksSYS`
MaxBytes[LAUNWFP.6]: 1638912
Options[LAUNWFP.6]: gauge, nopercent
YLegend[LAUNWFP.6]: Free Space
ShortLEgend[LAUNWFP.6]: bytes
Legend1[LAUNWFP.6]: SYS
Legend3[LAUNWFP.6]: SYS Peak
LegendI[LAUNWFP.6]:  SYS:
PageTop[LAUNWFP.6]: <H1>Disk space stats for LAUNWFP\SYS </H1>
  <p> These graphs track disk space usage on SYS

Title[LAUNWFP.7]: Disk Space Usage on PRN
Target[LAUNWFP.7]: `c:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mrtg21\bin\nwstat.pl
192.110.x.xxx vkfPRN vksPRN`
MaxBytes[LAUNWFP.7]: 10229760
Options[LAUNWFP.7]: gauge
YLegend[LAUNWFP.7]: Free Space
ShortLEgend[LAUNWFP.7]: bytes
Legend1[LAUNWFP.7]: PRN
Legend3[LAUNWFP.7]: PRN Peak
LegendI[LAUNWFP.7]: &nbsp;PRN:
PageTop[LAUNWFP.7]: <H1>Disk space stats for LAUNWFP\PRN </H1>
  <p> These graphs track disk space usage on PRN

Title[LAUNWFP.8]: Disk Space Usage on VOL1
Target[LAUNWFP.8]: `c:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mrtg21\bin\nwstat.pl
192.110.x.xxx vkfVOL1 vksVOL1`
MaxBytes[LAUNWFP.8]: 35860316160
Options[LAUNWFP.8]: gauge
YLegend[LAUNWFP.8]: Free Space
ShortLEgend[LAUNWFP.8]: bytes
Legend1[LAUNWFP.8]: VOL1
Legend3[LAUNWFP.8]: VOL1 Peak
LegendI[LAUNWFP.8]: &nbsp;VOL1:
PageTop[LAUNWFP.8]: <H1>Disk space stats for LAUNWFP\VOL1 </H1>
  <p> These graphs track disk space usage on VOL1

Title[LAUNWFP.9]: Disk Space Usage on VOL2
Target[LAUNWFP.9]: `c:\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\mrtg21\bin\nwstat.pl
192.110.x.xxx vkfVOL2 vksVOL2`
MaxBytes[LAUNWFP.9]: 2050293760
Options[LAUNWFP.9]: gauge
YLegend[LAUNWFP.9]: Free Space
ShortLEgend[LAUNWFP.9]: bytes
Legend1[LAUNWFP.9]: VOL2
Legend3[LAUNWFP.9]: VOL2 Peak
LegendI[LAUNWFP.9]: &nbsp;VOL2:
PageTop[LAUNWFP.9]: <H1>Disk space stats for LAUNWFP\VOL2 </H1>
  <p> These graphs track disk space usage on VOL2

WorkDir: c:\www\mrtg\laurelnw

Hope someone can help?


Chris Longton
Senior Network Development Analyst

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