[mrtg] Re: bug? scale shows k for graph in M

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Mon Mar 15 01:31:53 MET 2004

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 04:30:40PM -0600, Pete Templin wrote:
> 508288 is the rate (because of gauge).  This is displayed in bits so
> it becomes 4066304 which is 4066k.

Or 3971k if kilo = 1024...

> Maybe the current number is not yet shown on the graph.  If that's
> true, you should notice your Y-axis has changed by now.
> I think MRTG displays the previous interval on the right hand side
> and prints the really current interval as current.  This means your
> numbers are 5 minutes ahead of the graph.

The Y-axis is still showing 1.1k/2.2k/3.3k/4.4k on the left, as the 
scale references. This target is a 95th percentile 30-day usage trend, 
so it's normally very slow to change, but has shifted up to 3981k by now 
(with the same axis).  I think one of this customer's servers has been 
rooted or otherwise hacked, as they're sending us (we're their ISP) 
about 7.2Mbps to give to the Internet on a Sunday afternoon.  I'm 
expecting (and hoping) the level to shoot up a lot in about 6-12 hours, 
so that'll help shift the numbers around a bit.

This is MRTG 2.9.17 on Red Hat 8.something, if that helps.

In addition, a similar target on this same port is showing a "proper" 
scale of 1.1M/2.2M/3.3M/4.4M:


Target[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: `/usr/local/bin/burst 
MaxBytes[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: 750000
AbsMax[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: 12500000
Title[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: Burst
PageTop[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: <H1>Burst Level for XXX XXX</H1>
Options[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: growright, gauge, bits
WithPeak[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: wmy
YLegend[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: Burst
ThreshMinI[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: 637500
ThreshMaxI[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: 712500
ThreshProgI[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: /usr/local/bin/speedalarmin
ThreshProgOKI[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: /usr/local/bin/speedclearin
ThreshDesc[hstn-01.et.14.14.3]: XXX XXX


(FYI, I have two similar targets because i used to collect these targets 
manually, but now collect them automatically.  Because they're 30-day 
trends, I have to keep the old one in service for at least 45 days.)


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