[mrtg] HELP - MRTG not reading the T1 Interface of an Ascend Pipeline 130

Travis Rabe trabe at davdgrp.com
Wed Oct 13 16:37:48 MEST 2004


  I have run cfgmaker on my two Ascend Pipeline 130s.  The cfg files were
created but they don't seem to be configured correctly for the two
interfaces.  For example, these two routers are connecting each end of a
fraction T1.  By my calculations, the max that the T1 can support is:
1.544Mbs/24channels = .06433Mbs/channel therefore .06433Mbs x
17channels = 1.0936Mbs.  If I convert that I get:

1.0936 megabits
bits	1146722.7136
bytes	143340.3392
kilobits	1119.8464
kilobytes	139.9808
megabits	1.0936
megabytes	0.1367
gigabits	0.00106796875
gigabytes	0.00013349609375

My Ethernet interface is a 10MB interface.  Now if I look at what MRTG gives
me after frunning cfgmaker on the two routers it tells me that my Ethernet
interface has a max speed of 1250kilobytes/second - perfect.  *BUT* it also
tells me that my T1 interface has a max speed of 7000bytes/second, but that
is WAY OFF.  In fact that is enough bandwidth to account for 1 channel of
the T1.  What's worse is that the graph is scaling to that one channel.  Do
I just need to make it multiply everything by 17?  The Ascend correctly says
that it has a max bandwidth of 952kilobits (which is darn close to my
calculations ).  What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to change something in my
cfg files?

Please help and thanks in advance for your assistance?[TR>]   Oh, I am using
2.10.13 if that makes a difference.


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