[mrtg] Re: Whats after MRTG?

Richard F. Hart II rhart at cnu.edu
Mon Dec 19 20:29:56 MET 2005

Are there any instructions or is there a howto that explains howto 
transition from MRTG to Cacti? I have looked on the internet but I have 
not been able to find anything that does a good job at explaing this. 
Just as a side note, I am running FreeBSD and would like to use cacti port.
Richard Hart
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Leonardo Rodrigues Magalhães wrote:

>    Please take a look on http://www.cacti.net
>    Cacti is a rrdtool frontend. Graphs are generated with rrdtool, data 
>collecting is done by cacti (you dont need MRTG). There are SEVERAL 
>graph templates ready for download and use on cacti forums.
>    Building your own complicated graph templates with cacti is not 
>easy. There are several steps to go, but i'm absolutely sure it's far 
>easier than building the same graphs in rrdtool directly.
>    Im using cacti to monitor medium networks with 100-200 routers and 
>it's going fantastic great !!! RRDTool advantages with a GREAT web 
>interface for configuring and visualizing graphs !
>Matt Kowske escreveu:
>>Well I just got into MRTG and think it's really cool.  I have an index 
>>page with a bunch of  graphs monitoring my servers at home.  Just as I 
>>got it all setup I ran across somethings about rrdtool.  Is this a 
>>replacement for MRTG?  Should I be using it instead?  I figured out 
>>it's a way to record data to a database, but then getting the data out 
>>of it and making graphs with it seems really difficult.
>>What is the consensus? I think I'd like to use rrdtool in the long 
>>run.. it seems better, and able to do more.  But I don't want to spend 
>>hours and hours setting up graphs.  MRTG is easy... is there a 
>>compromise here

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