[mrtg] ready made script for MRTG + RRD

Danny danny.tcpip at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 05:59:42 MET 2005

Hai , 

I am using MRTG with Logformat as RRD for monitoring traffic on my routers / switches . also put up 14allcgi for front end .

I want to read rrd files for each interface and generate average / max utlization report in percentage for each day  .

I used rrd fetch command but its not values output is no where near with that i see on "show interface " on the routers 

/home/admin/mrtg/rrd]# rrdtool fetch XXXX_pos8_0.rrd MAX -r 300 -s -1h
timestamp    ds0               ds1

1131853800:  4.0587360762e+06  2.6519900032e+06
1131854100:  4.0434445277e+06  2.6274568480e+06
1131854400:  3.9906537919e+06  2.6603870680e+06
1131854700:  4.1854896373e+06  2.6664023340e+06
1131855000:  4.5481925070e+06  2.6545920750e+06
1131855300:  4.8003316719e+06  2.6990186186e+06
1131855600:  4.8750469827e+06  2.6830218972e+06
1131855900:  4.7128193568e+06  2.6298117983e+06
1131856200:  4.6471754807e+06  2.5892419331e+06
1131856500:  4.6708670985e+06  2.6666334690e+06
1131856800:  4.8163201973e+06  2.7391786323e+06
1131857100:  4.9334468580e+06  2.7696214543e+06
1131857400:  4.9517256790e+06  2.7894506652e+06
1131857700:  nan  nan

Can anyone help me to in 

A) Is there any simple script which can parse my conf files and read rrd and generate MAX / AVERAGE utlization report for each interface

B) What is rrd fetch trying to show above  ----- Is this the same value i should  be seeing on my sh intterface cisco box 

C) If I somehow try to get exact usage  values from RRD , where / how  does it store BW details so that I can generate percentage of utlization . does RRD store that percentage data in it

Is there any other simple perl scripts that do above work any other way , pls let me know .. 

with regards

Imbroglio Communiquw , Inde 

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