[mrtg] MRTG with RRDTool and 14all on Windows 2000

Cleaveland, AJ Allan @ IS Allan.J.Cleaveland at L-3com.com
Wed Oct 12 19:57:02 MEST 2005

I am running MRTG with RRDTool on a Windows 2000 box.  I got MRTG set up and
[apparently] working properly with Rateup.  Then I switched to RRDTool and
according to the file modified times, I'm updating the databases.  However,
when I got 14all to produce webpages I got a red box with "Error:  Cannot
Create Graph" where each of my graphs should be.  Can anyone help?
Also, I'm monitoring the CPU, memory (virtual, physical, HDD), and data rate
(ethernet comms usage) of the server with MRTG.  Memory has an example and
seems to work, though it apparently baselines at 0, rather than actual %
used (but I can see a bump in my graph so something's getting monitored)
and, of course, the ethernet communications are being monitored, apprarently
properly.  Memory is always a flatline 0, however.  I'm getting these
results with MRTG with rate-up, no additions (I set up a second box to try
to troubleshoot where my errors are with the first one).  Can anyone provide
me some insight as to why (how do I need to set up my config file?) and how
to get the info I actually want (% mem used and % CPU use)?
Thank you,
Allan Cleaveland

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