[mrtg] Re: mrtg for home users: more precision than '5minuteaverage'?

Cook, Garry gwcook at arcadis-us.com
Thu Mar 30 22:37:50 MEST 2006

Constantine A. Murenin wrote:
> On 30/03/06, PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson at mandtbank.com> wrote:
>>>>> "Constantine A. Murenin" <mureninc at gmail.com> 03/30/06 2:54 PM >>>
>>> I don't want to do that. I trust my chroot'ed httpd, and I trust
>>> that mrtg should not stop at providing 5-minute accuracy in regular
>>> mode as opposed to RRDTool mode.
>>> I don't want to install any third-party CGIs, I'm quite happy with
>>> what mrtg offers, except that 'Interval: 1' doesn't work. :(
>> What is MRTG?  It's as much a 3rd party app as routers2 or cacti or
>> cricket or any other polling solution.  RRDTool is just a backend.
> MRTG is a reliable and trusted third party app. From the first look at
> routers2 I cannot say the same.

How come I wasn't invited to any of these parties?
MRTG and Routers2.cgi are both Open Source apps. Mainly they are
maintained by one person, but lots of people contribute.
Exactly how do you define reliable? I've been using both for the same
amount of time, and neither one of them has ever caused me any downtime
or munged any data.

>> Have you even *tried* using RRDTool as the backend and MRTG with
>> interval set to 1?  MRTG is not going to do 1 minute intervals, any
>> time soon, if ever.
> Can mrtg still plot my graphs and generate html in this fashion using
> most of my existing configuration? 

I believe that you're thinking of MRTG as being more than it is. MRTG is
a collector. It collects data.
The data collected by MRTG can be stored in log files or RRD files. If
you want one minute granularity, then you need to use RRDs.
HTML is generated by the front-end to MRTG, be it the 14all.cgi included
with MRTG or Routers2.cgi.


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