[mrtg] Publishing mrtg to default website - Microsoft IIS

Christopher Bedford chrisb at cb-consulting.co.za
Thu Nov 23 06:42:47 MET 2006

I suspect this may be more of a Windows IIS question than an mrtg one, but 
I'm not sure where exactly the solution to my problem lies. I got mrtg 
installed as a complete newbie, and after decoding the documentation have 
it running on a W2K server box. If I go to the "workdir" 
(c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg) I specified in cfgmaker, lo & behold I have a 
bunch of html & png files, amongst other things. If I double-click an html 
file, I see traffic graphs for that interface. So far so good.

Now for the not so good news: cannot get to see this info if I try to access

the "website" represented by this folder. Some info:

1. This machine is also running Norton Anti Virus for Exchange, which has 
its own built in webserver for configuration. This is apparently not 
configurable, so I changed IIS to use port 8080 to avoid the conflict. Seems

to be OK, see next point...

2. The default website specified in IIS is <c:\inetpub\wwwroot\> which 
doesn't have a default page - this is fine, there is no need to access this 
directory. [I managed to create a basic "default.html" file, and when I use 
Internet Explorer to open http://servername:8080 <http://servername:8080/>
I see that file.] Now I 
would like to just go to http://servername:8080/mrtg and see my mrtg 
graphs - or am I barking up the wrong tree here? (I also tried changing 
default website to <c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg> but... see next point!

3. However mrtg doesn't appear to generate a "default" or "index" page. If 
in the IIS config, documents tab, I point to one of the html files, then 
when I browse to the url in (2) above, I also can see all the graphs -- for 
that one interface.

It has been many many years since I last saw a real live mrtg webpage so I 
don't recall the details, but surely there must be some "top level" html 
file somewhere that would allow click-through to the various interfaces' 

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