[mrtg] Re: snmp version

Johannes Prost Johannes at yorktondigital.ca
Sat Oct 21 20:48:20 MEST 2006

Am 21 Oct 2006 um 20:02 hat Michael Schwartzkopff geschrieben:

> Am Samstag, 21. Oktober 2006 18:54 schrieb Johannes Prost:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > I am new to mrtg and starting out with my first "baby steps".
> > As I am still running my webserver with NT4 SP6a I have installed
> > SNMP successfully. By starting to create a cfg file with mrtg 2.14.7
> > I get a message saying the the command is only supported by
> > ...v4only.
> >
> > As well I can see that the version of snmp on NT4 is v1. My question
> > now:
> > Is there still any version of mrtg out which can "talk" to SNMPv1 as
> > I would like to stick with NT4 on the server ?
> >
> > Thank you for any suggestions.
> SNMP v4 does not exist. According to RFCs the only standard is SNMPv3. Older 
> verisons like v1 or one of the 2's are still supported. In fact, v1 is beeing 
> used most.
> So your error message comes for some other origin.
> In order to get your setup running try to get snmp data from your webserver at 
> all. Start using the snmpwalk command. If you use net-snmp the command should 
> look like
> snmpwalk -v1 -cpublic <server-ip> .system
> If you have an other community string than "public" change the command line 
> according. If snmpwalk does work try cfgmaker which comes together with mrtg.
> Good luck.

I tried the following command in a dos box to create mrtg.cfg

perl cfgmaker public at webserver --global "workdir: D:\dir1\dir2" --
output mrtg.cfg

The result was (only the main part)

snmp error
no response received
snmpv1_session<remote host........>
at D:\mrtg\bin..\lib\mrtg2/snmp_util.pm line 627
snmpwalk problem for on public at webserver ::::v4only 
at cfgmaker line 918

What is a good editor with line # for windows ? I guess I need one as 
I don't want to count..:):)

Any ideas what this could be ?
I tried your command, but as new as I am to this, from where should I 
start the command ? location ?


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