[mrtg] Netflow graphs

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Sun Apr 1 18:23:26 CEST 2007

Danny Fuentes writes:
> Any of you have any documentation on how to mrtg netflow traffic on
> cisco 6500 routers?

MRTG is probably not a good tool for this job.

> I while back an ISP sent us an MRTG graph which included how much
> traffic they get from us and through which ISPs. I though that was
> very cool so I want to implement something similar so I can see
> traffic that hits our network from different ISPs

There's a list of Netflow-related software that I maintain on:


Check out flow-tools+FlowScan, possibly with additional graphing tools
mentioned on that page under the FlowScan entry.  There may be other
systems that readily do what you need.

If your problem is just to graph traffic from/to multiple peers, and
you cannot simply graph interface statistics because several peers
share an interface (such as at an exchange point), and your routers
support "MAC-address accounting", you can probably use a tool like
MRTG to produce graphs for each peer's MAC address.  This is easier to
set up than Netflow processing, and should be more precise (the
"source AS" information in Netflow cannot generally be relied upon).
On the other hand, Netflow gives you many more possibilities for
analyzing traffic, such as port-number information etc.

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