[mrtg] Strategery for cfg file

david brett dbrett at tcn.net
Mon Aug 27 21:18:50 CEST 2007

I did this by creating my own webpages with links to the mrtg pages.

Peter Laws wrote:
> Just last week, I started playing with MRTG (v2.14.5 on RHEL 5) for the 
> first time in many years.
> I've got a couple core routers, a dozen or so main floor switches, then 
> bunches more odds'n'ends around the shop.
> MRTG is working fine, but I need advice on how to manage configs.  I 
> dumped all the devices into one cfg file, ran indexmaker and voila .... 
> a huge ugly page with hundreds and hundreds of ports!  Not what I wanted 
> but exactly what I specified.  :-)  Shouldn't it do what I mean and not 
> what I said?
> What I want is a page that has one link for each device showing its 
> aggregate traffic.  Click on the link, and I see the breakdown of each 
> port.  What is the best way to do that?  Separate cfgs?  A different set 
> of options on indexmaker?
> If this is a FAQ, please point me in the direction of answers ...
> Thanks.
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