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The check_rrdtraf plugin will do what you want, generate Nagios alarms based on crossing thresholds within rrd files. Find it at nagiosexchange.org.
And yes, routers2.cgi will solve a lot of issues. Once I moved to rrds and routers2 I never needed anything else to frontend MRTG.


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Hi all,
May be i will ask a nonsense but i have a question about if it is possible the use of  MRTG  + RRD  being able to preserve the log format of MRTG...
I use the logformat of MRTG to use a funtion in Nagios that allowme to monitor bandwith, but i didn't find out how Nagios  could draw the evolution of the measurements... I was told about routers2.cgi that could solve the problem, but if it switches the files .log  to files.rrd i am not able to still monitoring to generate alarms...
i have tried to put  an inlude:mymrtg2.cfg at the bottom of the file, and in this second one make the logformat would be rrdtool.. i replaced the name of the target aswell, hoping the second .cfg file would generate its own _rrd with the name of the target.. i mean
target[router1_1] would genetate router1_1.rrd?

what i am trying to ask is:
if i am logging the results of MRTG and in several file.cfg i want to log with rrd but not all.. Could be it possible?

Thank you very much in advance and merry Christmas everyone!!

Best wishes


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