[mrtg] Chart never moves.

Ed LaFrance Ed.LaFrance at newmediaems.com
Mon Feb 5 17:41:56 CET 2007

At 09:11 AM 2/4/2007, Gary W. Smith wrote:
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> > Hello -
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> > Are you running mrtg at regular intervals? This is typically done
> > with the config directive RunAsDaemon (or something like that, check
> > the docs), or simply by invoking mrtg every X minutes via a cron job.
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> > Ed
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>Yes, I have it cron'd for every 5 minutes.  The problem seems to be
>dealing with long long's.  I worked up in the perl script to subtract
>4294967296 until it's lower than 4294967296.  That kind of works but I
>had odd results.  I tried the same with 2147483647 (I case it was dying
>on signed longs) and it also gave me some odd data).
>This is with mrtg-2.15.0.  Should this be able to handle long longs?

Hi Gary -

I really could not say. The philosophy of Perl is 'no artificial 
limits', so the size of the number should not be an issue unless 
something in the mrtg code itself chokes on it. I know that earlier 
versions could not graph traffic stats over 100Mbps because I had to 
upgrade due to that limitation.

Have you tried turning on debug modes in mrtg and running to to see 
what's going on internally?


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