[mrtg] Minimum Y-Axis

Mersberger, Robert robert.mersberger at goldenven.com
Wed Feb 28 00:05:52 CET 2007

I made these suggested changes, see config below, but I don't see any
changes on the graphs.
[root at mrtg ~]# cat /etc/mrtg/Liebert_KVA.cfg

EnableIPv6: no

WorkDir: /usr/local/rrd_data

LibAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/lib/perl/


LogFormat: rrdtool

PathAdd: /usr/local/rrdtool/bin/

routers.cgi*Options[_]: unscaled

# Liebert North UPS KVA Graphs for aa.bbb.ccc.17

Target[Liebert_17_T]: at aa.b

MaxBytes[liebert_17_T]: 120000

Options[Liebert_17_T]: gauge,nopercent,growright,nobanner

Unscaled[Liebert_17_T]: dwmy

Title[Liebert_17_T]: KVA Utilization report for Liebert North_3

PageTop[Liebert_17_T]: <H1> Liebert KVA Analysis -- aa.bbb.ccc.17</H1>

routers.cgi*LowerLimit[Liebert_17_T]: 70

routers.cgi*UpperLimit[Liebert_17_T]: 100

routers.cgi*Mode[Liebert_17_T]: generic

# Liebert South UPS KVA Graphs for aa.bbb.ccc.16

Target[Liebert_16_T]: at aa.b

MaxBytes[liebert_16_T]: 120000

Options[Liebert_16_T]: gauge,nopercent,growright,nobanner

Unscaled[Liebert_16_T]: dwmy

Title[Liebert_16_T]: KVA Utilization report for Liebert South_3

PageTop[Liebert_16_T]: <H1> Liebert KVA Analysis -- aa.bbb.ccc.16</H1>

routers.cgi*LowerLimit[Liebert_16_T]: 70

routers.cgi*UpperLimit[Liebert_16_T]: 100

routers.cgi*Mode[Liebert_16_T]: generic


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If you are using routers2 as your frontend, take a look at 
routers.cgi*LowerLimit[xxxx]: 250
routers.cgi*UpperLimit[xxxx]: 300
routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: rigid
This will produce the output you are after.  Omit the 'rigid' option to
allow the axis to extend if necessary to fit the data.

Steve Shipway
ITSS, University of Auckland
(09) 3737 599 x 86487
s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz



	From: mrtg-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch
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	Subject: [mrtg] Minimum Y-Axis

	Sorry if this question has been answered, I am looking for a way
to scale my minimum Y-Axis.  For example, I am monitoring input voltage
which averages around 280, but never falls below 250.  I would like my
Y-Axis to be 250-300, so I can clearly see the peaks and valleys. 


	Thanks in advance.

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