[mrtg] Disconnected interfaces not showing any graphs

Cadek, Martin m_cadek at fraen.com
Fri Jan 26 16:41:51 CET 2007

I must be missing something simple, but lets say I have a cisco switch -
24 ports, of which only 12 are connected and in use , well my MRTG cfg
file shows a setup for every interface 0/1 - 0/25 , but then while it's
running as a deamon it only generates 12 HTML pages skipping over the
"Disconnected" interfaces 
this would be fine IF when I connect a new device to a port it would
start generating that page, it doesn't , so if I add 6 pc's I still get
12 HTML pages 
plus my switch overview page that shows the 24 .png images ends up with
12 broken links 
is there anything I can do to force a "Blank graph" , obviously if it's
disconnected it should show nothing, but I'd like to see the "nothing"
Thank you in advance
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