[mrtg] Disconnected interfaces not showing any graphs

Syed Waqqas Ahmed s.waqqas at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 20:07:19 CET 2007

it depends the way u have configured the cfg file... if u r using cfgmaker to generate the cfg.. and then indexmaker to generate the mrtg html pages.. then 
  only the ports active when u generated the cfg through cfgmaker....... i repeat ports active at the time u made the cfg with cfg maker will be graphed.. the reason is the ports that are inactive is commented in the cfg file generated by cfgmaker... and the part commented in not included at the time u ran index maker... 1 easy solution is that u edit the cfg file.. and un comment the data for all 24 ports and when u will run the index maker it will generate the html pages for all 24 ports.. 
  hope this will answer ur question.... if this is not the case kindly send ur cfg file...

"Cadek, Martin" <m_cadek at fraen.com> wrote:
      I must be missing something simple, but lets say I have a cisco switch - 24 ports, of which only 12 are connected and in use , well my MRTG cfg file shows a setup for every interface 0/1 - 0/25 , but then while it's running as a deamon it only generates 12 HTML pages skipping over the "Disconnected" interfaces 
  this would be fine IF when I connect a new device to a port it would start generating that page, it doesn't , so if I add 6 pc's I still get 12 HTML pages 
  plus my switch overview page that shows the 24 .png images ends up with 12 broken links 
  is there anything I can do to force a "Blank graph" , obviously if it's disconnected it should show nothing, but I'd like to see the "nothing" :) 
  Thank you in advance
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